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New in pinacos

pinacos becomes more and more international and versatile

Release 3.2.8 - 03/2023

Multilingual Document Templates

Easily create multilingual document templates

Creating documents using templates is easy with pinacos. There are templates for emails, short letters, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, invoices and credit notes. 

All these templates can now be easily created in multiple languages. When creating a document, pinacos automatically selects the correct language.

>User Avatar >Manage Application
>Email Templates
>Letter Templates
>DOCX / XLSX / PPTX Templates
>Invoice / Credit Note Templates

Document Template Header

Adapt Document Templates even easier

The head areas of document templates in the formats Email, Letter, DOCX, Invoice and Credit Note can now be predefined and adapted centrally as a Header. Headers can also contain text marks. 

Adapt a Header to the CI of your business and you can immediately access the extensive sample templates of pinakos. 

>User Avatar >Manage Application 
>Template Header

Tip: As you know, documents can also be provided with Background Templates, i.e. your individual and location-dependent writing paper.

Multilingual Dropdowns

Adapt dropdowns to your needs

With the new function Dropdown Languages, the entries of dropdowns can now be adapted individually and language-dependently to your wishes.

>User Avatar >Manage Costs
>Dropdown Languages

Tip: This function makes your work easier and, as you know, you can enter such dropdown entries in documents with the help of bookmarks.

Merge Documents

Make it one

There is frequently a need to merge several documents into one document. From conventional PDF editors it is known to merge several PDFs into one PDF. 

With pinacos you have many more possibilities: Here you can merge documents with any format into one PDF. So you can even combine different formats, such as DOCX, Image and PDF into one resulting PDF. By simply moving the position of the documents, you can change their order in the resulting PDF. 

>>Mark several Documents
>Merge Documents
>Drag to change positions

Copy Report

Even faster

The report functionality of pinacos is almost unbelievable: Almost any database content can be analysed individually and displayed in the form of tables and graphs.

Now this functionality has been improved even further by simply copying an existing Report to create a modified Report

>>Select Report 
>Copy Report
>>Select and Edit Report Copy

Create Cost Entries List

Process Cost Entries in list form

Many a customer, client, colleague or even employee would like to have the usual processing of various records in list form. pinacos has a lot of good solutions for this.

One such good solution is the export of Cost Entries as a predefined PDF list. 

>Costs Dashlet
>>Select several Cost Entries
>Create Cost Entries List

Tip: A Cost Entries List can not only be shared, it can also be edited internally with the built-in Annotator of pinacos.

In addition to the new features mentioned above, there have been improvements to the following functions: Workflow Editor, Edit locally, Double View, Notifications, Upload Contacts by Google Maps, Chat, Tree List and OCR.

To explain all these improvements here would go beyond the scope of this information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Here you can see the current release list with all improvements and new functions.