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About us

The origin of the software company Pinakos GmbH goes back to an internationally operating patent and law firm in Munich

A few years ago, we wanted to digitalise our office and reduce the amount of paper we used. But how could we do that with our many extensive files and complex processes? We searched the entire software market. But we found nothing suitable. So we put together what we had in mind and what we wanted, and together with IT experts we developed a new software: pinacos!

We know the requirements, processes and special needs of modern offices. This is the standard for pinacos. pinacos has revolutionised our own work. Today we have a completely paper-free, sustainable office and live flexible working models.

We are constantly developing pinacos in close consultation with our clients.

The name 'Pinacos

In Greek mythology, 'Pinakos' (written: πινακοσ) was the person responsible for the expert storage of all knowledge in the Greek library. 'Pinakos' was the keeper of the scrolls, which were very valuable at that time (as they are today). The word 'pinacotheca' also comes from his name. 

pinacos - more time for the essentials

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