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Functions of pinacos

One app for your entire office and your entire team. Clear, fast and reliable - that's what you and we expect from modern and smart working.

The most important functions

The special thing about pinacos are the many really practical tools. Here we can only name a few of them. You can find more on the release list and in the pinacos packages. This will give you a deeper insight into how much functionality, optimisation and benefit there is in this platform.

pinacos is a reliable and secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for organising and managing large volumes of documents and files, ideal for digitising your office and law firm. Access your files 24/7 and collaborate with team members and clients from anywhere.

pinacos adapts to every display. With several browser tabs, with document preview, full-screen view, double view and double-page view. You always have the view that is exactly right for your end device and meets your needs.

pinacos is a one-stop solution for creating and distributing documents while organising all files in a smart layout. pinacos offers all office tools and more (email, note, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, image, video) in just one app - without installation and without system breaks. Use templates and easily switch from one editor to another as you need it for your job.

Teamwork via all channels

Chat and web meeting are also integrated. With the increase in online meetings and working from home, video conferencing has become more important. With pinacos you don't need to change systems for your web meetings and chats, everything is integrated in one app.

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Customise your home screen and reports to your needs so you have quick access to your important tasks and notes. Depending on your role as a user, pinacos provides you with the appropriate information and functions, which you can further customise.

With pinacos you have all incoming and outgoing documents at a glance and keep track of due dates, assigned tasks and associated costs. You have all emails, attachments, briefs and files on a topic at your fingertips. A calendar sorts your tasks and, if desired, shows important documents on a timeline. Depending on your permissions, you can also see what your colleagues are currently working on.

"I like to have a complete overview - with pinacos I know at any time who is currently working on what, which documents have just come in and, by the way, I also have an overview of the deadlines and costs... Everything in one system - no matter where - no matter when."

Irene Maier, Office Administrator, Office Management, Munich

Sustainable eDocumentation - with pinacos you can work completely paper-free, even with large volumes of documents, environmentally friendly and contemporary. And best of all: you save a lot of money.

pinacos brings existing, real and paper-based workflows in line with the digital world. In pinacos, every document, every email, every attachment, every DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF is like "paper". On it you can mark, annotate, stamp, sign - from the beginning to the end. You simply work like on paper and pass it on to your colleagues, clients or customers, simultaneously and in real-time.

pinacos increases the efficiency of your team when processing files and projects, e.g. when reviewing and commenting on contracts, drafting new pleadings or depositing documents in files using the particularly intuitive "Move" function. Get quick information and clear allocation through a folder structure, similar to a real file cabinet. Cases and projects can have both a hierarchy and a relationship. You determine the structure that suits you best and maintain an overview.

Any extras?
Oh, yes: work simultaneously!

In pinacos you can work simultaneously and in real-time with your team members, business partners and clients. You can share registers like in a cloud and even edit documents simultaneously with external people.

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