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New in pinacos

pinacos becomes even faster and more flexible

Release 3.4.6 - 09/2023

Answer Email to Task 

Assign email replies directly to the task

If an email is already assigned to a task and you answer this email, your answer will now also be automatically assigned to this task. 

If you click on the task, you will immediately see your entire correspondence. 

>>Email Document
>New Document >Answer
>>Create and send answer

Tip: With the display function as a "thread", your correspondence is listed particularly clearly at the same time.

Multilingual Task Templates

Prepare templates for tasks in different languages

This function can be used to preset the associated Task Descriptions for a Task Template in a total of five different languages.

When the associated invoice is created, the correct language is automatically selected based on the language setting for the recipient of the invoice.  

>Manage Application
>Task Templates
>>Set Task Description English ...

Export tasks

Export tasks as a data file

It is now possible to export tasks as a data file so that they can be edited and processed in a particularly versatile way.

Exported data files can be imported into other systems if required. The exported data files can also be structured according to your requirements. 

>Tasks Dashlet >Task Wizard
>Export as CSV

Move Document Case Suggestions

Move documents using system suggestions

It is a well-known fact that pinacos moves documents extremely quickly anyway. To make this very common function even faster, you can now use system suggestions for Cases in the Move Document function.

Simply click on the icon with the magnifying glass and the system will automatically suggest useful Cases for filing the document. 

>Move Document
>>Case Suggestions

Role Groups

Assign tasks to several users

If it should initially remain open who from a group of Users should take on a Task, this Task can now be assigned to the group of these Users.

If one of the Users is working on the task, the other users are automatically informed of this. 

>Task template or >Task
>Assigned to
>>Choose Role Group

Tip: The same function is available for the Signatory Role, i.e. the signatory or signatories of a letter.

Invoice Cost Entry Positions

Pre-sort cost entries in invoices

The functionality for designing invoices in pinacos is now extremely diverse. Now the sequence of different types of cost entries for invoices can also be preselected.

This eliminates the need for sorting within the individual invoice - once again saving a considerable amount of time. 

>Manage Application
>Account >Cost Types 
>>Set Invoice Position

Tip: In the context of collective invoices, this sorting is applied to the individual Case so that all Cases are listed individually in order.

In addition to the new features mentioned above, there have been improvements to the following functions: Improved Tasks per Event, Improved Document Templates, Improved Meeting Invitation, Improved Appointment Invitation, Improved User Log, Improved Backups

To explain all these improvements here would go beyond the scope of this information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Here you can see the current release list with all improvements and new functions.