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We provide you with pinacos as a browser-based app in different packages: pinacos free - with this basic package you can test pinacos and easily digitise your entire document and office management - pinacos Business - the cost-effective solution, expandable with the respective functional modules - pinacos Business Plus and pinacos Enterprise - the professional solutions with industry-specific extensions, all your wishes will be met.


  • For small teams who want to try out pinacos
  • Access to the last 10,000 documents of your team
  • All important office tools in one app
  • Chat and meet between team members

0 €completely without subscription fees


  • For small and medium-sized organisations
  • All the advantages and clarity of pinacos Free
  • The entire document history of your company at the push of a button
  • Up to 5 additional function modules can be booked
  • Secure collaboration even with external users

29,99 €Price per user / per month

Business Plus

  • For those who need additional document functions
  • The power and speed of pinacos Business
  • Round-the-clock access with guaranteed availability and fulfilment of compliance requirements
  • All functional modules that simplify your daily business included
  • Industry-specific special functions
  • Advanced user management

99,99 €Price per user / per month

pinacos Enterprise

  • For those with additional administrative requirements
  • The power and reliability of pinacos Business Plus, with the addition of customised set-up and support and a personal account manager
  • In top of customised tool development, we also offer specific protection and compliance measures

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All four pinacos packages at a glance

  pinacos Free   pinacos Business   pinacos Business Plus   pinacos Enterprise
Number of Users per Account 3   5-50   5-500   unlimited
Different User Roles Main   Main / Worker   sector-specific   individual
Multiple User Roles            
Server Shared Instance   Shared Instance   Dedicated Instance   Dedicated Server
Number of documents up to 10.000   up to 100.000   up to 1.000.000   unlimited
Document Storage per Account 1 GB   10 GB   up to 1 TB   unlimited
DOCUMENT MANAGER              
Document Repository      
Document Feed      
Cockpit Navigation      
Drag and Drop Documents      
Easy Move Documents      
Move Documents by Rules      
Recent Documents      
Favourite Documents      
Important Documents      
Unread Documents      
Preview any Document      
Document Metadata Search      
Document Fulltext Search      
Upload Document or Folder Tree      
Download Document or Folder Tree      
Restore Bin Documents      
Annotate any Document      
Stamp any Document      
Sign any Document      
Text Recognition (OCR)      
Separator Sheet Recognition in Scans      
Document 2 Page View      
Splitting of incoming Email and its Attachements      
Create, Answer, Resend Emails      
Rename outgoing Attachements      
Preview outgoing Attachements      
Re-edit Emails      
Preview and Annotate Emails      
Serial Emails      
Spam Separation      
Email Templates individual   individual   individual   individual
Individual Email Signatures 1   up to 2   up to 5   up to 10
Email Accounts per User 1   up to 2   up to 5   up to 10
Create Letters      
Re-edit Letters      
Preview and Annotate Letters      
Send Letter by Email      
Letter Templates individual   individual   individual   individual
Individual Letter Background Paper 1   up to 2   up to 5   up to 10
DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF              
Preview and Annotate DOCX, XLSX, PPTX      
DOCX, XLSX, PPTX Editors      
DOCX Templates individual   individual   individual   individual
PDF Templates individual   individual   individual   individual
Individual DOCX Background Paper 1   up to 2   up to 5   up to 10
Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Requires Microsoft Business Account
CASE MANAGEMENT              
Favourite Cases      
Recent Cases      
Case Templates     sector-specific   individual
Case Coversheets individual   individual   individual   individual
Case Coversheet Preview      
User Rights Management      
Upload Cases from CSV      
Inbox, Workbox, Donebox, Reposite      
Review, Note, Sign, Send      
Split Screen View      
Recent Contacts      
Favourite Contacts      
Contact Groups      
Contact Types     sector-specific   individual
Upload Contacts from CSV      
Number of Contacts per Account up to 10   up to 100   up to 1.000   up to 100.000
Notify Users on Document      
Annotate Documents simultaneously      
Edit Documents simultaneously      
Chat on Document      
Share Registers to External      
Online Chat      
Online Meeting      
Screen Sharing      
See User Online Status      
MODUL PARTICIPANTS     4,99 €   included   included
Adress Participants in Emails, Letters and DOCX        
Search Participant Reference Signs        
Search Cases of Contacts        
MODUL TASKS     9,99€   included   included
Tasks on Cases        
Tasks on Documents (Double Term Protection)        
Tasks to multiple Users        
Task Preview        
Automated Task Workflows         sector-specific   individual
MODUL CALENDAR     6,99€   included   included
Create Appointments per Case        
Invite Users and Externals        
Edit Invitation Email        
See User Calendars        
Tasks sorted to User Calendar (requires Task Modul)          
Calendar Synchronisation            
MODUL COSTS     9,99€   included   included
Cost Entries        
Cost Entries via Tasks (requires Task Modul)        
Cost Entries via Time Recording        
Draft Invoices and Invoices        
Individual Invoice Paper     up to 2   up to 5   up to 10
Invoice Template       sector-specific   individual
Cost Interface            
MODUL REPORTS     3,99€   included   included
Predefind Reports       sector-specific   individual
Evaluate any Case or Document Metadata            
Evaluate any Contact Metadata            
Create Individual Reports            
Data Interfaces            

"I am totally happy with pinacos! Simply a great system, I would buy it again immediately. Work goes much faster now and I finish on time."
Melanie Krob, Accountant, Head of Accounting, Nuremberg

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