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Probably the most innovative office system

Work like with paper, only better

pinacos is a professional document and office management system that has been developed from practical experience. With pinacos, even extensive processes, files and projects can be processed completely, clearly and completely paperless.

pinacos offers the practice-proven structure we know from our paper-based offices. In addition, digital tools optimise office management and accelerate daily communication and administrative processes.

pinacos is a powerful, secure and intuitive application. All users have access to it at any time via web browser with their security code. Work digitally with your team and your clients, just like in a real live situation. The system is constantly being further developed, adapted to the current state of the art and with constant attention to data security.

Reinvent your desk

pinacos sets new standards for digital working, creates optimal framework conditions for intelligent workflows and a good working atmosphere.

Collaboration gains a new quality

Whether in a law firm, an executive office or a home office, pinacos is ideal for teamwork. Use workflows and templates for standardised processes. Work on documents at the same time, make notes and assign them to your colleagues, or have them signed and stamped for your clients or customers.

Every process is as simple as editing a piece of paper on your desk - only better. Everything is completely digital! You no longer need printouts - paper was yesterday, today is pinacos!

You and your team members can use a chat for short discussions and a web meeting for personal conferences (even with external participants!). All this is integrated into the pinacos platform - ideal for flexible working from any location.

Very clear!

pinacos combines all your office tools in one app. There are no system breaks between emails, attachments, texts, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, videos, chats and even meetings. You'll find all your files in a single feed. When you select a file, pinacos immediately shows you all related documents. You can use the comprehensive search via metadata and full text and work with responsive reports. You can annotate, stamp and sign any document. Instantly! - No matter whether it's an e-mail or a video.

Very fast!

For editing, switch to one of the 16 built-in editors, such as Microsoft 365, and use letter templates and bookmarks. Quick replies and small changes are so easy! Your submissions are simply in a box. You notify other users directly or assign specific tasks. Professional office management even with double term monitoring, process automation and cost accounting. From mobile phones, tablets and laptops to two or more desktop screens - quick previews, fast scrolling, double views and many other features make digital office work particularly pleasant.

Very safe!

pinacos is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that you can easily access via web browser. You don't need a local installation, a server or a computer administrator. You can use pinacos in any environment, whether in an office, in a production facility, at home - and even in the Alps or at the beach. And last but not least, pinacos fulfils all security requirements of the DSGVO, GoBD, IDW-PS-880, C5_2020, ISAE 3402 type 2 and ISAE 3000 SOC2 type 1 as well as DIN 77006 in particular.

Time and cost management

With pinacos you can manage small jobs as well as complex cases or projects on a single platform. You have a complete set of functions for term, task and cost management as well as intelligent solutions to facilitate internal and external workflows. With the case management features in pinacos, it is easy to keep track of the status of cases and projects with their deadlines, while having a detailed overview of the time and cost estimates for each task. You can track your time on each task, which is then automatically booked to the respective case or project.

Monitor your terms securely! Also use the multifunctional calendar to set tasks, due dates and resubmissions for cases and documents and make them immediately visible to your team members, business partners and clients.

Real-life structure

Your file cabinet is moving to pinacos!

pinacos uses an intelligent real-life structure of cabinets, file groupings and files. Simple workflows are organised in Inbox, Workbox and Donebox. You have everything clearly organised at your fingertips - just like in the analogue world, only much clearer. Your new digital world of files at pinacos makes your working life easier and saves you a lot of space.

With pinacos you can work just like at your real desk, only better. You can view several documents at the same time. You can mark, note, stamp and sign everywhere - regardless of the document type, even on emails, pictures or videos. All attachments from emails can be processed immediately as a separate document, text recognition (OCR), PDF/A creation, image editing, video player, ZIP archive and much more - all this is integrated.

You can learn more here.

"Pinacos is incredibly powerful and simplifies the communication between our patent attorneys and our administrative staff on the one hand - and our clients and our suppliers on the other. At the same time, pinacos enables us to make customisations on our own, which allow for a perfect match to our needs. Thanks to the platform-independent design, decentralised and mobile working can be realised without any problems and also implemented quickly."

Bernhard Henhapel, Patent Attorney, Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.CEIPI, European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney, Generally sworn and judicially certified expert, Vienna

pinacos advantages

  • developed from practice for practice
  • Global office, available everywhere - pinacos knows no borders
  • secure work with the latest technology
  • less administrative work, more time for the essentials
  • perfect cross-linking of office and home office
  • customisable to your needs
  • pinacos is constantly being developed further, with new functions being added every month

The right pinacos package for your needs

pinacos was developed by office professionals who move large volumes of files on a daily basis - namely by patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law, and by their skilled staff in Germany. The pinacos system is therefore particularly suitable for those industries that want their processes to be managed very properly and documented very securely.

pinacos Business is suitable for smaller offices and medium-sized companies. This package already provides you with many functions. For larger offices and special industries pinacos Business Plus and pinacos Enterprise are appropriate.

Here you can find an overview of the scope of features of the pinacos packages.

pinacos is constantly being further developed

With continuous improvements and new functions. Here you can see the current release list.

pinacos - welcome to your new desk

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