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How pinacos revolutionises the work with files

File cabinets are a thing of the past. Find out how pinacos makes this possible.

Working like on paper - only better

Paper and filing cabinets - two things that are usually considered indispensable assets in any law firm. They have served this profession in particular well for years all over the world, and there are also good reasons why they have remained with us. But now it is time to take advantage of the digital opportunities of our time. Moving work from the desk to the screen may seem impossible. pinacos, however, makes this transformation easy: we have deliberately transferred the advantages of paper to the computer. Here you will learn how pinacos provides all these advantages very quickly.

1. All documents in one place

Working with clients usually requires you to fetch a file from the filing cabinet or have it fetched, open it and spread the relevant documents out in front of you. Sure, this quickly becomes a routine, but pinacos can do it all for you much faster and therefore more efficiently. You click on a document and immediately the document tree shows you the entire corresponding file. There is no need to rummage around in the filing cabinet. Even switching between several documents is no problem. You can open a new window, use the double view or simply select another document in the current window.

2. Securely stored documents

When documents are stored, you have a great responsibility. Clients rely on them being stored safely from theft, damage and loss. pinacos takes this burden off your shoulders. Our intelligent backup solutions ensure that nothing gets lost. Stored in state-of-the-art data centres, no one can harm your valuable documents. And if you do make a mistake, regular backups make it easy to undo it.

3. Search without wasting time

Finding a file from the filing cabinet can usually be done quickly. But what if you are looking for a very specific document? Looking at every document takes a lot of time - especially with large files. pinacos can do the same for you in a few seconds. You want to find documents by their name? That's what the quick search is for. Do you want to find a document by its metadata, like date or recipients? -> Use the detailed search! Do you want to find a document by its text? -> Use the full text search! The icing on the cake is the list view with preview - there you can recognise each document by its first page.

4. Annotate documents as you like

Annotating documents is an important part of collaborative work. You add a small note and share the document with colleagues. But what happens when you run out of space? When you want to get rid of an annotation? On pinacos, these problems do not exist. Annotations are possible on any document, are shared with colleagues in real time and are reversible. The annotator encourages collaboration and offers a variety of tools. Even stamping and signing your documents no longer has to be done on paper.

5. Edit multiple documents at the same time

With pinacos, all editing of documents takes place simultaneously. While you are working on a document, it is not blocked for other users, on the contrary, they can work on it at the same time as you. But what is even more important about pinacos is that we make it possible for you to work on several documents at the same time, even on small screens. pinacos offers separate views for the desktop with several screens, for the laptop, for the tablet and for the mobile phone. Scrolling quickly, viewing several pages at once, comparing documents, annotating at the same time and writing new texts - all these are tasks pinacos is made for. Try it out for yourself!

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