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pinacos is becoming smarter and more intelligent

Release 3.3.4 - 06/2023

Document Name Suggestions 

Naming Documents consistently

Documents are particularly easy to recognise and find if they are named consistently. But how can this be done, especially for Documents that rarely occur?

pinacos now offers a particularly smart function for this: When you start entering a possible name, similar existing names are suggested immediately. Such a name then only needs to be selected - done.

>Document Metadata >Name
>>Start input
>>Select Name

Summary Documents

Multiple letters to one recipient

For similar processes or cases, such as the Annuity Reminders, there would often be several identical letters to one and the same recipient. Such processes can be simplified considerably with pinacos by creating only one Summary Document instead of many. 

>Wizard function: Create Documents
>Use Summary Templates

Tip: The Summary Template is assigned to the cover letter template in the Manage Application so that pinacos automatically suggests and creates the Summary Document.

List Enclosures

Attach a list to a document

As you know, pinacos can be used to create almost any list of the data stored there. Such lists can now easily be attached automatically to a Letter. The list, here e.g. an Annuity Task List, only needs to be assigned in the Document Template of the Letter

>User Avatar >Manage Application
>Letter Template
>>Select Attached Task List

Tip: This function is particularly useful for creating an attachment to a Summary Document as described above.

Smart Placeholders

Place intelligent placeholders in the document

A system that already reacts intelligently in the document itself to stored data - who wouldn't want that? pinacos can now do that too: Simply place an intelligent placeholder. 

>User Avatar >Manage Application
>Letter Template
>>Set Smart Placeholder

Tip: Smart Placeholders can also be used to intelligently place longer sections of text or entire paragraphs.

Cost Code in Tasks

Assign costs to tasks even faster

Properly recording the services rendered is the basis for every good company. With pinacos this is now even easier by assigning the Cost Codes from the Cost Management directly to the Task Templates.

This way, everything is in order and no service remains unbilled - because nobody likes to work for free. 

>User Avatar >Manage Application
>Task Template
>>Enter cost code for each cost entry

Tip: Complex cost structures can also be mapped very easily using the Cost Rules.

International Trademark Registration

Automated handling of trademark files

pinacos now has a new function to automatically create and edit national and regional designations of an International Trademark Registration (IR Trademark). Try it out, it is self-explanatory. 

>New IR National / Regional Designation

Tip: Such automated functions are also available for EP Validation and PCT National / Regional Phase.

Google Search Batch Upload

Import contacts in the batch

The search and import function using Google Maps from pinacos enjoys great popularity. Now it is even faster and once again you save yourself a lot of individual clicks. 

>Contacts >Search Contacts by Google Maps
>>Enter search term
>Results >Upload All

Smart Document Templates

Use document templates in an even more targeted way

Office processes can be automated particularly easily if the corresponding document templates can be assigned very quickly. pinacos not only has a graphic workflow editor for this purpose - now the list of possible document templates can already be individually restricted to the respective office process.

Extremely clear.

>User Avatar >Manage Application
>Email / Letter / DOCX / XLSX / PPTX Template
>Create Case Retrictions

In addition to the new features mentioned above, there have been improvements to the following functions: Loading Status, Annotator Comments und Backup Functionality.

To explain all these improvements here would go beyond the scope of this information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Here you can see the current release list with all improvements and new functions.