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pinacos for the collaboration as a law firm

How to work locally and globally as a law firm with pinacos

The rapid change in the world of work towards remote working means that many law firms have to adapt internally so that individuals do not lose contact with colleagues and reliably get their work done. pinacos was also developed precisely for this purpose. Since all your cases - and therefore also emails, documents, calendars and even your meetings - are now digital on pinacos, everything is in one central place and accessible from anywhere. And of course, we've put a lot of emphasis on optimal collaboration. Teamwork is crucial when it comes to getting work done effectively and quickly, while building and maintaining a good relationship with your colleagues.

Here are some of our tips to make it easier for you to collaborate effectively with colleagues around the world:

Case groups and role systems facilitate collaboration

At pinacos, work is done in "cases", i.e. cases that are to be grouped into case groups. A case as well as a case group is a dedicated place that does not have to be worked on by you alone.

You can add any users and customise their permissions with the well thought-out role system. Once this is done, anyone can collaborate with you, be it other professionals, the secretariat or the accounting department.

Real-time collaboration

Working with others in real time is not only possible in presence. On pinacos, digital annotations and changes to documents are shared with other users in real time.

For example, if someone stamps one of your documents, you see it immediately. This is practical for collaboration, fun, and lets you do your work even more efficiently.

Stay in touch

Just because you work remotely doesn't mean you have to give up contact with others. And since, on top of that, cohesion among each other is a decisive factor for motivation and performance of a team, it is even more important to have a video call on pinacos with your colleagues every now and then.

It doesn't just have to be about work. Just like in a real office, you should take a few minutes to talk about other things as well.

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