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3.4.6 - 09/2023

Answer Email to Task, Multilingual Task Templates, Export Task List, Move Document Case Suggestions, Role Groups, Invoice Cost Entry Positions, Improved Tasks per Event, Improved Document Templates, Improved Meeting Invitation, Improved Appointment Invitation, Improved User Log, Improved Backups

3.3.4 - 06/2023

Document Name Suggestion, Summary Documents, List Enclosures, Smart Placeholders, Cost Code in Task, International Trademark Registration, Google Search Batch Upload, Smart Document Templates, Improved Loading Status, Improved Annotator Comments, Improved Backup Functionality

3.2.8 - 03/2023

Multilingual Document Templates, Document Template Header, Multilingual Dropdowns, Merge Documents, Copy Report, Create Cost Entries List, Improved Workflow Editor, Improved Edit locally, Improved Double View, Improved Notifications, Improved Upload Contacts by Google Maps, Improved Chat, Improved Tree List, Improved OCR

3.1.5 - 12/2022

Edit locally (Email, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF), Cost Codes, Cost Rules, Cost Rule Editor, Move to Favourite, Connected Invoices, Improved Templates, Improved User Permissions, Improved Notifications, Improved Case Search, Improved Task Notification

3.0.7 - 09/2022

Task Workflow Editor, Ticket Editor, Connected Documents, Search Contacts by Google, Case Wizard, Change Tasks Metadata, Autodetect Register via Tags, Improved Task Wizard, Improved Child Tasks, Improved Steptasks, Improved Contacts, Improved Invoices, Improved Reports, Improved Document Feed

2.9.6 - 06/2022

Task Wizard, Child Tasks, Steptasks, Credit Note, Costs Uncharged, Role Annuity Assistant, Improved Annotator Comments, Improved Annotator Stamps, Improved Annotator Performance, Improved User Notifications, Improved Case Metadata, Improved Document Templates

2.8.7 - 03/2022

Case Name Rules, Evaluate Trademark Metadata, Evaluate Design Metadata, Account Currency, Variable Invoice Currency, Catching Currency Convertion, Document Type Purchase, Purchase Cost Entry, Purchase Payment, Invoice Payment, Improved Void Invoice, Improved Sort Cost Entries, Improved Signatory, Improved Recent Documents, Improved Hidden Cases, Improved Add Participants

2.7.3 - 12/2021

beA Interface, PCT national/regional Phase, Change multiple Document Metadata, Evaluation of Cost Entries, Time Recording Pause, Restore Letter, Restore Email, Filter Emails, Filter Attachements, Log of Notifications, Improved Tree Layout, Improved Draft Invoice, Improved Telephony

2.6.4 - 09/2021

Telephony, Note Editor, Popup Background active, QR Code on Documents, EP Validation, Individual Case Types, Improved DOCX Edtitor, Improved Invoicing, Improved Fulltext Search, Improved Notifications

2.5.5 - 06/2021

Group Chat, Time Recording, Answer and Move, Mail2Fax, Hide Case, Public and Private Contacts, Improved Task Filters, Improved Language and Template Settings, Improved Invoicing, Improved Role Management, Improved User Authentication

2.4.5 - 03/2021

Home View per User Role, Individual User Roles, Account Admin, Exchange Synchronisation, Time Recording, Double-Check Tasks, Improved Appointment, Improved Online-Meeting, Improved Contact Metadata, Improved Filter

2.3.5 - 12/2020

Autodetect Case and Register, Scan by Separator Sheet, Share Register, Improved Letter Paper, Improved Letter Templates, Improved Mobile Layout, Improved Contact Metadata, Improved Letter and DOCX Subject

2.2.1 - 09/2020

Calendar of Others, Calendar Time Line, Time and Cost Entries in Tasks, Individual File Types, File Dropdowns, Improved Case Metadata

2.1.3 - 06/2020

Individual Contact Types, Contact Dropdown, Improved Desktop Layout, Improved Task Workflows, Improved Task Templates

2.0.0 - 03/2020

Cases and Registers, Coversheet, Case and Register Users, User Roles, Inactive Case User, Document Feed, Move Documents, Email and Letter Editor, Email and Letter Templates, Annotate Documents, Tasks, Calendar, Webdav, Desktop Version, Individual Email Accounts, Auto-Move by Subject, Tree Preview, Document Preview, Upload Folder, Task Notifications, Cost Entries, Delete Page, Read, Important, EPO Interface, Filter, User Online Status, Chat, DOCX Editor, Inbox, Workbox, Donebox, Spam, Bin, Show Tasks in Calendar, Stamp and Sign Documents, Email Attachments, Multi-Copy, OCR, Case Search, Flatten Annotations, Turn Pages, Anti-Virus, Notify Users, Task Preview, Auto-Save, Resend and Forward Email, DOCX Templates, Mobile Version, Upload Cases from CSV, Task Preview, Recipient Groups, Case Relationship, Favourite, Full-Screen, Appointment, Upload Contacts from CSV, Download Case or Register Documents, Auto-Subject, Email Encryption, XLSX and PPTX Editors, Signature Certificate, Serial Email, Copy and Continue, Convert Currencies, Case Events and Workflows, Notify User, Invoicing, Cost Entries in Tasks, Online-Meeting, Move multiple Cases, Desktop Double View, Copy Task, Guest Account, Help Function, Video Editor, Image Editor, Cockpit, Split Document, Cost Reports, Time Logging, Microsoft 365 Integration